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Calmsound is the creation of British composer and sound designer, Leigh Haggerwood. His love of nature and years of experience as a sound engineer have taken him around the world in pursuit of the best nature recordings possible. Calmsound albums contain audio recorded on the beaches from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. There are powerful thunderstorms recorded on open moorland, forest ambiences and bird song from tranquil English country gardens and just about everything in between.


The secret of a good recording is quality equipment, patience and attention to detail. Leigh has recorded all of the audio on state-of-the-art equipment at the highest bit-rates, and painstakingly edited the result so that the sound recordings tell the truth - and you can close your eyes and almost be there. Calmsound recordings are great for helping you relax and sleep, blocking out unwanted background noises and even mixing with music. We hope you enjoy this website and will support us by buying some of the downloads for the your mp3 player. Happy listening!

Calmsound Nature Sounds

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Nature Sounds -  Our Bestselling Nature album!

Rain Sounds -  A beautiful variety of Rain Recordings to relax to

Sleep Waves -  One Hour of looping Ocean Sounds

Love Nature Sounds -  a new compilation of our most popular nature recordings

Relaxing Sounds of Nature -  The First Nature Album by Calmsound

Spirit of Nature -  Specially Curated by a Meditation Guru

Sweet Dreams -  Baby Calming Sounds to Aid Sleep

This popular rain recording is only $0.89 Cents at Amazon and available on CD!
Our Sleep Waves CD includes relaxing ocean waves that you can play on repeat forever!
We also make animal desensitizing albums that enable you to help your pet become less fearful of sounds in the real world. This CD has proven popular with owners of young pets in particular.
You can stream or download Calmsound nature sounds at most online stores including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube and many more. Click an icon or search Calmsound at your favorite store to find our official releases.

Calmsound nature sounds are recorded at the highest standards, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature in all their glory. Their masking effects are also helpful for people suffering with tinnitus. If you'd like to take a little piece of heaven wherever you go, please support this website by purchasing one of the albums you've been listening to. You'll find Calmsound downloads at most online stores, and physical CD's are available at Amazon in the USA.

All Calmsound albums are available to listen to for free as part of your Amazon Prime membership - just click the image above to visit the website and take a listen.

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